Heaven's Landing - TOTAL INVENTORY LIQUIDATION - 2.5 Million

Heaven's Landing is one of the most beautiful Mountain Estate Airpark properties in the world. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northeast Georgia, this 635 acre gated community is surrounded by National Forest, and boasts a lighted 5,069 foot paved concrete runway designed to accommodate virtually any private aircraft. Other amenities include an architecturally stunning three story community clubhouse, featuring a private lounge, dining room, fitness center, racquetball and recreational area. Steam and sauna luxuriate its dressing rooms. An equestrian stable with bridle and hiking trails will also grace the community.

Area 4:
Lot 84   200' front x 364' deep
Lot 85   200' front x 364' deep

8 Hangars
A1 & A6 - Lower Level End Units
A5 - Lower Level Center Unit
M1 - Lower Level End Unit
M3 & M4 - Lower Level Center Units
Hangar M-10 & G1- Upper Level End Units

Area 3, Lot 47
158' front x 414' deep

Area 3, Lot 57
455' front x 146' deep

Area 2:
Hangar with luxurious living area. Beautiful mountain view.
Living area size: 1200 sf. - Hangar size: 65 ft. x 43 ft.